CVM Insights Manager

At Ermenegildo Zegna the talents and passion of our people are the pillars of our success. Which is why we're looking for a CVM Insights Manager in Milan to contribute to our proud legacy and help shape our vibrant future.
What makes you, makes Zegna
The legacy of Zegna would not exist if it weren't for the unique skills of every person on our team; the makers, masters, designers and doers. Everyone contributes.
As a CVM Insights Manager, you will be a lead of a team that analyses vast amounts of data to gain invaluable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. Using cutting-edge analytical tools, you will decipher intricate patterns, enabling the creation of bespoke consumer-centric strategies with a significant business impact. Your expertise in data interpretation enables the company to cultivate deep connections with consumers, driving loyalty and increasing sales within the exclusive landscape of a luxury fashion brand
What makes up your day
Step into a hands-on, minds-on work environment where every challenge and opportunity helps you realize your full potential.
In this role, you will:
* Lead a team in the development and execution of the consumer data strategy;
* Strong passion and knowledge of data, KPIs and reporting tools;
* Analyse extensive customer data to identify behavioural patterns and trends within the Zegna consumer base;
* Develop intuitive and attractive data visualisation and analysis frameworks;
* Use advanced analytical techniques to extract actionable insights and inform strategic decisions;
* Ability to gather requirements and adapt and manipulate data to respond to business needs and requests;
* Ability to build robust, flexible and scalable multi-user solutions on PowerBI ;
* Ability to apply machine learning algorithms and AI techniques to extract deeper insights and predictive analytics from customer data, increasing the sophistication of CVM strategies;
* Design, develop and implement segmentation strategies to personalise CVM campaigns and improve consumer engagement;
* Work with cross-functional teams to integrate data-driven approaches into overall brand strategies;
* Ability to work closely with internal stakeholders for creating data-storytelling (e.g. investor relations team).
What makes you, makes our team
When you join Zegna, you join a team, working together to shape the future of our company. For this role, we're looking for someone with:
* At least 5 years of experience in a similar position;
* University Degree;
* Fluent English;
* Availability to business travel;
* Deep proficiency in data analysis: Ability to manipulate, analyze, and interpret large datasets using tools such as PowerBI, Python, and SQL;
* Proficiency in data visualization tools: Experience using data visualization tools like PowerBI, Tableau, or others to effectively communicate insights gained from data analysis;
* Proficiency in programming languages such as Python: Thorough knowledge of Python for data analysis, process automation, and predictive model development;
* Ability to manage and interpret statistical models: Experience in creating and interpreting statistical models to identify patterns and trends in data;
* Familiarity with machine learning and data mining concepts: Knowledge of machine learning and data mining fundamentals for identifying hidden patterns and predicting customer behaviors;
* Problem-solving skills: Ability to tackle complex data analysis challenges and develop innovative solutions to solve them;
* Communication skills: Ability to communicate insights gained from data analysis clearly and effectively, both verbally and through reports and presentations;
* Teamwork skills: Ability to collaborate effectively with other team members and cross-functional business units to achieve common goals;
* Attitude for continuous learning: Willingness to stay updated on new technologies and methodologies in the field of data analysis and CRM in the luxury sector.
What makes you, makes our legacy
Ermenegildo Zegna Group is founded on a proud history of craftsmanship and quality dating back to 1910, with a vision to ethically create the world's finest textiles. Zegna has since expanded to ready-to-wear, becoming one of Italy's most successful family companies and a global luxury lifestyle brand.
Through our vertically-integrated, sheep to shop approach, we strive to create exceptional products without compromising on quality of life for future generations. With over 500 stores and 6,500 employees worldwide, our success is inspired by our founder's pioneering spirit and shaped by the expertise and integrity of every individual at Zegna.
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