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A Joint Venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), Thales Alenia Space is a global space manufacturer delivering, for more than 40 years, high-tech solutions for telecommunications, navigation, Earth Observation, environmental management, exploration, science and orbital infrastructures. Thanks to our diversity of skills, talents and cultures, our customers (governments, institutions, space agencies, telecommunications operators), therefore have Space to Connect, Secure & Defend, Observe & Protect, Explore, Travel & Navigate.
Product Assurance responsible in advance projects and Bids in Torino for DESI
Mission and responsibilities
Mission :
to implement the quality assurance dispositions ensuring the customer satisfaction for bids and product development and the achievement of TAS programmatic, economical and quality objectives.
* Ensure the Quality of Bids and define the Quality Assurance of the offer withy the contribution of project, product, supplier and engineering quality assurance.
* Assure that all the conditions to create a winning bid, in the given timeframe, are met and give confidence on the maturity and quality of the delivered proposal, and on Customer satisfaction.
* assuring that the bids and solutions provided to customers (external or internal) meet their requirements and expectations
* Help operational disciplines to increase their maturity
* Contribute to the framing of the bid, the tailoring of the bid baseline, verify the involvement of all stakeholders and assure the implementation of clear governance rules
* Evaluate the bid preparation, assure that all critical steps, decisions and actions have been executed before each decision milestone, including actions to mitigate risks and seize opportunities
Key responsibilities/outputs :
* Ensure the quality of Bids for TAS :
* Participate in bid reviews, be a member of the DVA process and of the offer documentation validation;
* Contribute to the risks and opportunities management;
* Assure that all critical steps have been executed before each decision milestone;
* Ensure the conformity of the solutions with all contractual requirements;
* Escalate the duty of alerts to the appropriate level of management and exercise the right of veto when necessary;
* Lead the definition and application of a Bids Lessons Learned;
* Define the Quality Assurance part of the offer;
* Establish, for multi-entity or international bids, a quality network with clear authority and coordination rules.
* Ensure the quality of advance project for TAS :
* Ensure the Quality interfaces with the customer, TAS-JV and partners.
* Coordinate PA managers of all members of the consortium and ensure customer PA focal point.
* Analyze customer PA requirements and decline them
* Manage the PA tasks, Drive the TAS Quality experts activities (Dependability, Safety, Radiations, EEE, M&P, SW) & Guarantee the implication of "Senior Company Experts" on critical topics.
* Support all project management and engineering disciplines.
* Support for Risk Analysis & approve the development and qualification approach.
* Support the system trade-offs.
* Contribute to the TRL evaluation of equipment and technologies, and review the progress of pre-developments.
* Identify a preliminary list of critical items and approve of the Technology Development Plans.
* Participate in the evaluation of potential suppliers(SOW, specifications and proposal analysis).
* Review and approved delivered project documentation.
The candidate profile
The candidate must have significant experience of Bid or project/product management.
The candidate must have in-depth experience in complex space projects, in quality assurance management is a plus.
Other skills include:
* Ability to connect, network and cooperate at all levels of the organisation (TAS, Quality community, group level)
* Enables others to maintain perspective in difficult circumstances, without passing on stress
* Strong communication skills, ability to impact, convince and negotiate
* Ability to handles conflictual situations sensitively and constructively
* Open minded, quick learner, Creative, problem solver
* Hands-on, pragmatic
* Positive attitude
* Fluent English, French or Italian are a plus.
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