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Offerta di lavoro pubblicata su Experteer da un Head hunter.

Competenze desiderate

The candidate
has a Bachelor in Computer Science and
at least
2-3 years of experience to build advanced native applications for the Ios and Android platform to build and to develop FE web projects.

Place of work: South Italy (available to travel rarely in Switzerland)

The candidate, has a Bachelor in Computer Science and, at least, 2-3 years of experience to build advanced native applications for the Ios and Android platform to build and to develop FE web projects.

Besides, the candidate should have an excellent knowledge of the Node.Js (or Vue.Js) and React Native framework and a knowledge of Redux library. In addition, the candidate should have a good knowledge of Javascript (ES6), HTML5, CSS3, RESTful web services, Java, JSP, XML, JQuery.



Main responsabilities:


·       Management of native application development activities for mobile devices (Android & iOS), with responsibility for delivery in terms of timing and quality


·       Daily reviewing of developed code and related critical evaluation, with particular attention to UX, stability and performance issues;


·       Managing the entire lifecycle of the iOS & Android application from design to application development;


·       Collaborating with the all relevant roles such as tech lead, product owner and delivery manager with the aim of gathering specifications and performing the assessment of the effort needed to implement them;


·       Implementation of the QA process, in collaboration with the relevant testing team

  • Integration with Java backend (JSP, Velocity template, handlebars and mustache templates, etc.)
  • Helping design a new front-end system
  • Implementing front-end logic


Good knowledge of the Agile – (blacklog concepts, Storypoint) and a consolidate experience in structured teams and in multinational contexts.

Relevant to have: A good knowledge of English Language, to be a passionate person about web and mobile technology, enthusiastic, fast learner and a talented problem solver, able to work in team with good relational skills.

Il Benchmark retributivo Experteer ti mostra una stima del valore di mercato di una specifica posizione. Non si tratta di un'indicazione da parte del Recruiter, bensì di una stima da parte di Experteer basata su diversi valori di mercato.

La stima da parte di Experteer si basa sia su dati interni, sia su diversi dati esterni. Il Benchmark retributivo di Experteer può essere fino al 15% maggiore o minore, a seconda della singola azienda (variazioni maggiori sono possibili in casi eccezionali).

Il Benchmark retributivo Recruiter vuole essere solo un'indicazione. Il livello retributivo reale della posizione dipende da vari fattori, come per esempio esperienza lavorativa e specializzazione del candidato.